Red for the Blood, Black for the people Green for the Motherland…AFRICA!!!

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It took nearly a century but African Redemption has been achieved.
RBGMan plans to keep it that way.

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I had an out of body experience as a child. During it my body lay in a coma in a hospital. At the same time I saw myself visit a place known as Keyamsha. There I had to complete a series of challenges in order to return to my family in Tallahassee. The only person who knew what I really experienced during that time was my sister. She explained to my family what my murmuring meant before the doctors showed them the video of me murmuring in the hospital at night. Were we both dreaming the same dream, or was it something else?

I returned to my body after completing the tasks necessary for me to awaken in Tallahassee.

Years later, what happened to me as a child started to make me wonder “what exactly did happen?”

Africa has awakened. Keyamsha has happened.

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